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Welcome to the Employment Law Extra media desk. We have designed this section with journalists in mind, to help them find the information they are looking for about Employment Law Extra. We have divided our media desk into several sections:

Employment Law Extra provides high quality employment law advice and protection packages to SMEs at a low cost.

Having researched the employment law market extensively, we recognised the need for a product specifically for SMEs that could be bought online. Our objective was to create a product which provided professional, expert advice and protection, but delivered in a straightforward, low cost package which could be bought online. This led us to the idea of Employment Law Extra.

We have two product options to choose from. The first is our online employment law manual with a legal helpline and the second is the same, but includes legal expenses insurance.

The speed and simplicity of Employment Law Extra does not compromise the level of professionalism or expertise that our products carry. Our online law manual has been written in its entirety and is kept up-to-date by specialist employment lawyers. And our legal helpline is manned by employment law specialists.

The birth of Employment Law Extra – words from the CEO

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New service stops SMEs falling foul of employment law 9/12/2009 PDF version


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The birth of Employment Law Extra

Welcome to Employment Law Extra. This is a service that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

I have long thought that the smaller SME business is the one most in need of a straightforward, easily accessible, reasonably priced advice and protection service in respect of the incredible demands and dangers of employment law legislation. Other services on the market are aimed at large firms, are expensive and commit owner-managers to long-term contracts.

It was back in 1976 that I first had the idea of providing a telephone service to employers, linked to an explanatory employment guide and supported by insurance cover to pay for legal representation at tribunals and to cover awards.

I jointly founded and launched IRPC to provide this very service, but this was in the days long before the World Wide Web, so operating a manual and advice service was a cumbersome operation. However IRPC, being the first to commoditise and package legal assistance services linked to insurance, went from success to success. It was eventually sold to an international insurance operation and is now operating as Croner Consulting. I went on to advise start-ups on similar services for businesses such as First Assist and RBS’s Mentor.

Through my marketing and consultancy business I have been instructed for the last 15 years or so to help many lawyers and insurers address their own provision of business assistance services for their clients.

However, whilst not being directly involved in the development of these businesses for some time, and recently examining the market, it struck me that small SME owner- managers were still not being properly catered for. But this need not be the case considering the web’s capacity to deliver up to the minute legal advice and guidance online. It enables the provision of a package service that can be totally accessed and purchased online providing a hassle free, practical and competitively priced vital support for small businesses to cope with the increasing volume of employment legislation and red tape, which is a potential nightmare.

From my own experience in starting and building a business, the owner’s attention is demanded in running the core business leaving little time to address employment law requirements. An inevitable consequence is the ever present threat of getting it wrong.

So, Employment Law Extra has been developed specifically to answer these shortcomings and at last makes available to owner-managers of businesses employing up to 20 employees a straightforward, accessible, comprehensive, employment law service, giving 100’s of pages of easy to follow guidance and telephone advice from experienced employment and HR legal experts. An optional insurance cover, which we plan to introduce in the new year, can be added to meet the costs of specialist employment lawyers who will represent Employment Law Extra customers at employment tribunals if necessary and will meet the costs of awards where they are made. All of this at a price designed to be affordable for the smaller SME and without tying them into long-term contractual agreements.

Steve Manton

Steve Manton
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