Features and Benefits of Employment Law Express

The law doesn't care how big or small you are. Good job we do.

Whatever the size of your business, ever-changing employment law directly affects how you work.

Don’t risk your business’ future

Get your employment law issues wrong, and you can be facing serious risks to your profits, reputation and even to the survival of your business.

Get your employment law issues right, and you’re free to drive your business forward, safe in the knowledge that you’re protected from the threat of damaging legal action.

Free up your time

We know that managing complex, time-consuming employment law issues can be difficult when you’ve got a business to run. How many business owners and managers have the time or desire to tackle endless red tape? That’s where we come in.

Smart 100 and Smart 200 (coming soon) are specifically designed for businesses with up to 20 employees. We let you concentrate on running your business by taking the hassle out of your employment law issues. 

If you have more than 20 employees and would like a quote, we have a bespoke employment law solution that is tailored for larger businesses learn more.

Up to the minute expert advice you can rely on

With Employment Law Extra, there’s no more worrying about your employment law obligations with our regularly updated service. Our up to the minute expert employment law advice keeps you legally compliant, and helps protect you from potentially disastrous legal actions.

Everything we do is written in clear, easy-to-follow English that cuts through the legal jargon to give you the facts and no-nonsense employment law information and guidance you need.

With Employment Law Extra, you get a comprehensive service that covers all your employment activity:

  • Pre-Employment
  • Managing Employment
  • Termination

Expert employment law team

Because only full-time employment lawyers have enough time and expertise to keep up-to-date on employment law, we only use qualified, reputable legal firms to write and continually update our service.

Every document in our online employment law Advice Manual is prepared by specialist employment lawyers, and not by HR staff or paralegals. (So there are no nasty surprises if things do go wrong.)

Employment Law Extra offers you two products to choose from - Smart 100 and Smart 200 - giving you the flexibility to pick the best employment law package for your business. Packages start from just £99 (plus VAT).

Smart 100

  • Online employment law Advice Manual
  • Legal helpline

Our secure online employment law Advice Manual and legal helpline are available 24/7. You’ll get a downloadable library of over 170 regularly updated employment documents that give you detailed, step-by-step guides to all your employment law issues.

These 170 documents include:

  • Detailed guidance notes
  • Procedures and policies
  • Records and forms
  • Practical summaries of what the law says in plain English

And for those emergency situations when you really need to speak to someone, and you can’t find the information you need in our Advice Manual, our legal helpline is available 24/7.

“Get an Employment Law Extra quote today!”

Smart 200

  • Online employment law Advice Manual
  • Legal helpline
  • PLUS tribunal representation
  • PLUS cover for legal costs / awards

With Smart 200 (coming soon) you get all the benefits of Smart 100’s online employment law Advice Manual and the legal helpline. But you also get the full peace-of-mind from knowing you are financially protected if you’re ever bought before an employment tribunal.

Your legal expenses and compensation awards covered (up to £100,000 per claim)

Should your business face the prospect of an employment tribunal, our legal expenses insurance package will meet the cost of legal representation at any employment tribunal hearing, along with compensation negotiated or awarded up to £100,000 per claim (subject to the policy’s Terms and Conditions).
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